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Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials Overviews 
These documents explain the What?/Why?/Where?/How? of Instructional Materials. You'll also find usage tips from fellow educators.
Instructional Materials Checklists
Checklists can be used to track administration of Lexia Lessons and Skill Builders. Educators can also track Lessons and Skill Builders in myLexia.
Content Area Connections
Content Area Connections provide suggestions on how to share PowerUp Anchor Charts, Comprehension Passages, and Writing Prompts with teachers of Science and Social Studies.

Classroom Implementation
This tip sheet and planning chart will help you optimize the various components of PowerUp in your class. The chart is interactive, and can be filled out on a computer, tablet, or on paper.
PowerUp Videos
This factsheet covers the steps you can take to locate videos from the PowerUp program that target specific skills. You can use these videos to reinforce instruction in whole-class and small-group settings, as well as with Lexia Lessons, Lexia Skill Builders, Anchor Charts, and other offline materials.

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