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Featured Resources
Here's how to boost literacy development this summer!

Summer Reading Tips

Your students can enjoy summertime and still maintain the literacy skills they worked all year to build. Use these tips to help families support their readers at home this summer to ensure they're prepared for the next school year.

Using Core5 in Summer Programs

Summer school is an opportunity for students to boost reading skills and strategies. Use the tips to help with planning, or modify the sample schedule and guidelines to meet the needs of your students.

Summer Reading Bingo Challenge

Students can boost their literacy skills all summer long with these fun activities. Have them go for five in a row, or try to fill the whole board!

Read @ Home Activities

These newsletters offer ideas for hands-on activities to promote literacy development at home this summer. With options for all levels, these fun games and projects can be completed with items that families have at home.

Core5 Writing Prompts

Set your students on the "write" path for the next school year with Core5 Writing Prompts! This writing resource is focused on engaging, grade-appropriate themes and topics from Core5 online comprehension activities. Be sure to include the student-friendly checklists for at-home success.

Summer Is a Great Time for Reading Adventures!

From decodable readers to fluency practice to games and projects, Lexia can guide your students on summer reading adventures that are filled with skill-based fun. Send them home with  Lexia Decodable Readers  to practice foundational reading skills. Share a set of  Lexia Close Reads — articles and stories with engaging discussion prompts. Include a leveled set of  Fluency Passages  to boost accuracy, automaticity, and prosody. Or mix it up with the  Summer Reading Bingo Challenge  to engage your readers with hands-on literacy activities. 

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